February 17, 2010

Gotta Walk Before You Can Run

"To climb a steep hill requires a slow pace at first"

Lately I've been trying to imagine what I want my life to be like- tomorrow, next week, next year, and way down the road. I am a big goal setter. And I am also one to get very dissapointed if I don't achieve my goals. So, this quote really speaks to me. I need to set small goals at first in order to achieve the bigger goals later in life. And if you think of this quote literally, which I did since it is hung next to a picture of Maroon Bells in Aspen (a great mountain I climbed), it works too. Cause when you look at a mountain, it's HUGE! And if you think about getting to the way top, it seems impossible. But you just gotta start. And it's so much easier/quicker than you think to get to the top. And what a feeling when you arrive! Now, translating back into life and goals, I will start small, and end up at the summit. Goal number 1: Learn this- at the end of a long day- what am I proud of having done? What made me feel good and accomplished? These are the things I gotta persue.

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