February 5, 2010

LOST Opener

Okay, so my favorite show in the whole entire world has just begun its sixth and final season. YESSSS...it's been a long time...too long. And it lived up to its expectations, in my book. Well, for those of you who haven't seen it, stop reading. And for those who have- I want to share my theory with you...

My theory is about how the season will end- like even down to the last image before it flashes into LOST. I think that the writers want to convey a message that it all comes down to destiny. To show this, they have created two scenarios after the explosion occurs. One on the plane landing safely in LA and the other on the island still. My theory is that everything on the plane and in LA, as we have seen so far, will be different. Shannon isn't there, Desmond is (or is he?), Hurley is lucky, Kate gets away, etc. etc. Even if everything were different, these two scenarios will soon converge until the last scene where the losties from LA land on the island and look down from a cliff and see their double selves standing below them. It will beat DUN, DUN, then flash LOST. This will show that no matter what happens it will end up the same way. Thoughts?

Something else my friend and fellow lost theory obsessor, Carly, has brought to my attention is that the book Jacob was reading in the Season 5 finale is called: "Everything That Rises Must Converge." So... this proves my theory further.

I also wanted to recommend to all of you a Lost Podcast I follow religiously. It's the Jay and Jack Podcast, just search it on itunes. It's great. Try it out. http://www.jayandjack.com/

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