March 2, 2010

Cha cha cha CHIA!

Guess what I discovered from reading blogs obsessively? Chia seeds! Look!

Info On Chia

Yes they are related to the plants we used to grow in the clay pots- but they also have countless health advantages! And they taste like...well, they don't taste like much at all. So today I started adding chia seeds to my cereal and my yogurt.

See the little dots in it? That's Chia right there! They have omega-3 and they help retain water to keep you feeling full- which is always the goal since I am CONSTANTLY hungry. You can buy these little seeds at GNC or probably other health food stores.

So what else is in this yogurt concoction? Well, it's TJ's Fat Free Greek Yogurt as you can see (only 1/3 of the tub was left so I just mixed right in there), with a spoonfull of almond butter (crunchy), cinnamon, a mushed up banana, and some sweetener...not too much tho cause I like the tartness of the Greek Yogurt. In all, this snack is so healthy and sooo yummy!

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