March 11, 2010

Coffee vs. Tea

Like most other people in this world I need either coffee or tea when I wake up. I'm not a "Don't talk to me 'til I get my coffee" kind of person (although some days I am) but I do really want it to get me through the day. I make my own lates every morning in this cool machine:

Brand: brevill

I'm not gonna lie- I have to give myself about 10 extra minutes in the morning just for the process of cleaning, heating the machine, and making my coffee just right. And I won't lie's worth every second.

I prefer espresso ('til like a month ago I truly thought it was called joke) to regular ol' coffee grounds. I like it cause it's concentrated yummy caffiene that you can add steamed, frothy milk to and it not be watered down. The steamer tool is so essential to me. Lately I've been steaming a bit of Very Vanilla Silk soy milk and adding it to a double shot of espresso. really.

That's from the web...I actually don't like soy milk in cereal. (As if you thought I took that picture myself...)

But today I opted for tea. This is a rarity. But sometimes I feel I should give myself a break from coffee- and when I do I like the teas seen below:


Fresh/whole tea leaves really hit the spot for me. I just spoon a bit into this t-sac. You can refill the hot water 2 times and keep the flavor pretty well. The thing about tea is that sometimes it's just a bit...not enough for me. I prefer it as an after dinner drink than a wake up start my day drink. But it's good for you with the anti-oxidents and all, esp with this pomigranite green tea. This morning I actually mixed the Mate Lemon and the Pom Green. Mmm mmm mmm!

Do you like coffee or tea better? Why?

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