March 10, 2010

Jumping on 2 Very Full Bandwagons

Wait, what exactly is a bandwagon? Is that how you even spell it? I'm a terrible speller. Is speller a word? Oh god...

Anyway...within the last week I have started watching American Idol, and reading Twilight. I've never seen the movie even, so I really don't even know what it's about besides about vampires and that Krsten Stewart (love her!) is the girl who I picture while reading. So far, loving it!

And loving Idol! But I don't think I'd love Idol so much if Ellen wasn't a judge, and if "Bobbysocks" as my mom calls her, aka "Crystal Bowersox" to the rest of the world, and "dreadlock girl" to me, wasn't a contestant. In my opinion, she should just quit altogether and start touring. I want to go to her concerts.
LOVE HER...I get goosebumps when she sings :)

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