March 3, 2010

Lost: Sundown

I love Sayidepisodes. That said, I loved this episode. I thought there were many answers/verifications to things we already thought which leaves room for more theories, always good. For example, we now know that Sayid has turned evil after talking to Smokey. We know the ash is keeping him out of the temple. Etc Etc. New theory? Well, where is Sawyer? I think that Smokey sent him off the island to die and then someone off the island will bring him back. Then Smokey can inhabit his body. Sawyer will be similiar to Locke and Christian.

Is the butcher's kitchen the same as where Locke's couffin was when they put the shoes on him? What would that even mean?

Jin- why is he locked up? Maybe cause he lost the money at the airport, the money that he owed Keemey (sp?) So Keemey locked him up.

The fight scene with Sayid and Dogan was great! I like fight scenes without guns and stuff.

So I guess this is the war that Witmore talked about a long time ago. That the wrong side would win.

Lastly, Claire is so creepy! I'm nervous for Kate!

I think next week will totally be a Sun and Jin episode, yay!

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