March 12, 2010


Hello, please take three minutes and fifty three seconds to watch the following: Ok, GO
^^The Guys^^

SO cool I'd say ;) Thanks, Mom. I love that domino effect stuff, especially with the music. Very talented guys right there. Oh, hi Rachel, my sister, in Israel...shout out! She'll know why, I'd say.

A quick TV recap right here... I just watched 30 Rock, the Office, and Parks and Rec. Just gotta say, I have been LOVING Parks and Rec this season. Really hated it last season, so if that's the case with you I'd give it a second chance. Aziz Ansari as Tom is probably my favorite character on Thursday night TV right now, replacing Liz Lemon. Who is still hilarious, by the way. Over all though, a 8/10 for Thu nights. 

Watch a clip from last ep: The Possum

Wednesday Modern Family was great too, as usual. Highlight: Phil breakdancing. And the Middle was just eh. I know I laughed out loud at some point, but can't remember at which part. As far as Idol goes...WHY CAN'T ANYONE REALIZE HOW TERRIBLE THAT YOUNG BOY IS? He is absolutely horrible at singing, and he wears wayy too much make up. Get him out of there. Everyone else, whatever, none of them were gonna go far anyway so whatever. I did like Alex Lambert (minus) the mullet though. Oh well, I'm over it.

Sooo, it's the weekend! I'm pretty excited to wake up and celebrate St. Patricks day tomorrow. I will be sure to take some pictures for a sweet post soon. At U of I I celebrated Unofficial, but this year, it's official. Going downtown Chicago to the parade and hopefully to get a glimpse of the infamous green river dying. Happy drinking to everyone!

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  1. that video was soo cool, the music was ok..but the video was soo cool i think we should build a donimo thing like that! - i noticed right from the beg. that it was associated with state farm (cuz of the logo on the truck - way to be state farm!) lol
    hope you guys have a blast downtown today, i'll be thinking of you!!!!!
    see you in a week :)