March 15, 2010

Recovering From All The Green

Well, Saturday morning started out on a great note. So there we were, 11 am on the train drinking out 24 oz beer cans, when an announcement comes over the loudspeaker..."No drinking on the train will be allowed this weekend. Please put away your alcohol, we don't want to see it." Ok, well then, we'll just put the beers inside these lunch bags that Carly geniously brought along. Really starting St. Patricks day off right, if you ask me.
^^Our "we're in trouble" faces^^

So we got off the train and moseyed on down the 8ish blocks to the parade, stopping in front of the green fountain for a quick picture of course.
Ta daa.

The city was really fun- everyone dressed in green to celebrate.
^^Green at the Bean^^

^^And green beer, yum^^
It was a long, long day, complete with bag pipers and all. I went to bed at an early 8:30 Saturday night after reading some Twilight (duh!) so I was fresh for if it was a choice. I couldn't have stayed awake longer if I wanted. 

I woke up Sunday, dragged myself to pilates, and made a healthy lunch...this was necessary! It was SO delicious too. I made a Flat Out wrap with roasted garlic Sabra hummus, spinach, roasted asparags, feta, pine nuts, sweet roasted peppers, tomato, and avocado. See below. Then I babysat for five hours, loving every minute of it. Ugh I love these kids.

 So, here we are. Monday. Lunch time. As I eat the below, what I like to call a lettuce-less salad, I wish you a great week and a happy Ides of March. Whatever that means.
Chick peas, shrimp, asparagus, broccoli, roasted peppers, feta, craisons, pine nuts, tomato, avocado.

I wish there was better TV on tonight. ho hum.

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