April 24, 2010

Day 2 Tel Aviv

Another fun day in Israel! We're still in Tel Aviv, thinking of this as our "time to see Rachel" part of the trip. Traveling will come later.

Today we woke up, ate breakfast in our room (we have an AWESOME coffee maker/hot water machine here. I made espresso and oatmeal with strawberry and banana in in.)

I went for a run for about a half hour along the beach- so pretty! And it's amazing how many people were out. Especially cause it was Shabbat, so people are just relaxing, laying low on the beach. When you run you have to zig zag through crowds. It's more fun than it sounds.

So after running I went to the pool to lay out while I was waiting for Rachel. It's really hot out- but there is a cool breeze from the Sea which makes it absolutely perfect for laying out.

We went to lunch at a place on the beach called La La Land. Great for people watching :)
The food here is incredible. Like so fresh and healthy and flavorful. We got greek salad and an eggplant and egg sandwich to split.
^^Greek salad- the feta is more creamy than crumbly- so good!^^
^^Eggplant, tomato, hard boiled egg ,pickles, hummus, tahina- heaven^^

We ended up sitting at that restaurant for probably 2 hours- people watching, drinking some beers, and just soaking up the sun. Not that I got much color- whatever. ( I've been wearing 50 sunscreen, so what do I expect?)
Rachel went back to her room to shower and nap, and my mom and I did the same. And caught a view of the sunset while we were getting ready for dinner...
^^Sunset from our hotel room view^^

After a nap my mom and I met my sister at a Cuban restaurant called Havana. I hate to say it again, but the food was SO GOOD. 
^^Started out w/ a bottle of Shiraz^^
^^And a quick picture of my mommy and sister^^
^^Cuban rice and beans with mushrooms, peppers, and other veggies. Tortilla and guac. It had a sweet sauce/glaze on it. YUM^^
^^And a salad with cherry tomatoes, strawberries, rocket (sp?), cheese, more cheese, lettuce, guac....more stuff...SO amazing^^

^^And some grilled shrimp^^

We split everything.

So we walked my mom back to our hotel and my sister and I hopped a cab to her dorm. It's so pretty on her campus! And her dorm is huge!!!

We hung out a little there then went to a club on the port in Tel Aviv. I guess because summer is coming all of the patios are opening at the clubs so it was reallly crowded. So much fun!!
^^Sisters :-) ^^


  1. The pictures make my mouth water

  2. POOZ! I'm getting super nostalgic reading your post. Any luck finding the restaurant we probably created with parts of our collective hunger?

    Miss you!

  3. Just started looking at your blog for the first time anddddd loving it.