April 20, 2010

Eating and eating and eating....

A(nother) quick post before some friends come over to watch idol and lost and glee :) Happy day!
before my strength training session...
double decker almond butter banana pancakes
TJ's--thank you for being in my life
Extra frothiness in this mug of love
breakfast 2: cottage cheese with berries and almonds
not pictured: dates
lunch packed

dark chocolate 

i had the beans and pasta like yesterday for lunch
i'll spare you the picture

midafternoon snack

...add a hard boiled egg

...dark chocolate...

...and add an orange in there
dinner- a chopped salad (list of ingredients to come)
so fresh and crunchy!
and some baked tater chips my dad made- covered in parm cheese-so crispy. CRUNCH!

conclusion: i ate a lot today!

frozen yogurt on the way!


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