April 15, 2010

Enjoying the Weather

Good afternoon people. I'm gonna make this very much just a picture post- I wanna get outside ASAP!!! So nice out :) 

Woke up, ate raisin ezekiel with almond butter (of course) and some cut up/mushed up dates. And an orange.
Just a quick how-to-cut-an-orange-without-getting-all-messy. Get the picture? 
Cut off top and bottom, slice til' the orange starts, and peel that off in one motion.

Ran 3.5 miles- it was hot out already this morning! I was in shorts and a tank and I was too hot!
Lunch packed- basically same as yesterday.
Mid morning snack- cottage cheese with fruit salad
This time I made chips out of my Flat Out Wrap (toasted it whole then tore it apart)
...and added my beloved chickpeas and another egg to the salad
A VERY dark chocolate bar from TJ's...Organic COOL! With ALMONDS! Thanks mom!

Also picked up my free tax-day COFFEE from STARBUCKS! 
Coffee+Chocolate= the BEST combo EVA!
Per request, a pic of my work area
And another

Ok out the door I go to enjoy the weather+pilates! Summer+me=HAPPY and SMILES
My set up for strength training and stretching
X My view of the sky X
Why does it look like that? Tell me!?
Whole wheat pasta, roasted asparagus, green onion, ricotta, caramelized onion, salt, peppa...Pretty much made by Dad.

Bonus: dinner outside...gotta love that!


  1. i love your work area :) thanks!

    and great tip about the oranges! clever, clever!

  2. Brilliant method for orange-peeling! I love it. I almost don't want to stay in and blog when it's this nice out, but I blog at night so it's all good. I def. have trouble staying in at work all day though!

    That pasta looks wonderful and makes me want to make a ricotta pasta dish tomorrow night! Yum. Happy Friday :)