April 5, 2010

How to make Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

I love peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love cookies! Therefore, I LOVE peanut butter cookies.

My favorite packaged peanut butter cookies are Matt's. But I will make them on my own right now.

Recipe from Joy the Baker

^^Mixing the wet ingredients^^
^^Adding the dry to the wet^^
^^Put dough in bowl, cover, refridgerate 30 minutes...^^
I hate waiting...
^^Roll balls of dough, spread out on baking sheet^^
^^Smash em with a fork^^
^^Classic PB cookie form^^
^^More waiting while they cool...^^
^^Delicious peanut-buttery goodness^^
^^Filled with peanut butter cream, and dipped in chocolate, then some nuts^^
^^(That cookie looks not so golden- sorry 'bout that)^^

Joy the Baker is INCREDIBLE. Check out her blog.


  1. omg Im in heaven!!! cant eat them until Tommorow night though : (

  2. Those cookies were amazing. It's a shame I got to work this morning and they were all gone!