April 5, 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now

There are a bunch of new products in my life right now. I'd like to share a few with you.

1. Almond Milk. I've said I like to drink very vanilla SOY milk in my coffee- and I heard that almond milk was even better. And...I really do like it- a lot! But...it is a little waterier than soy milk, and has less protein in it. Which is one of the main reasons I like soy milk. So, I will probably stick to soy- but this was definitely worth a shot.

2. Halawi Dates. These things are absolutely my new favorite snack. They are so sugary sweet and full of fiber. All natural from ISRAEL. I dunno if they're in season right now, cause usually there are figs (which I love too) in that part of the super market. Today, there were dates. And I couldn't be happier about the change.

3. Lentil Dip aka "The Royal Cousin of Hummus". Well I don't feel like I need to do much explaining on why I love this dip (the bean factor tells all). I took just a whole carrot and was dunkin away. I could probably eat the whole tub with a spoon, to tell you the truth. Not all new, but all in season and really satisfying right now...
^^From left to right: Kabocha squash, mango, brown pear, avocado^^

The only new in there is the squash. I will post a tutorial soon on how to cook this thing... But those brown pears...it's love right now. Pure love.

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