April 30, 2010

A Word on Yogurt...

...Basically because these are the only pictures that uploaded in the 30 minutes I've been sitting here...

So we've been going to this yogurt place literally every night. It's the "healthy" kind of yogurt- likee Pink Berry or whatever. Anyway, we've officially filled up a punch card and got a free one already. Nice.

It's one price for the size, and you can get as many of the wonderful toppings as you desire.
 ^^So much fresh fruit, nuts, and CHOCOLATE^^
^^My first one. I've gotten more and more toppings each time.^^
And you sit on ^^swings^^ instead of chairs! So fun!
She loves her yogurt!

My favorite combo is a small plain with strawberries, papaya, kiwi, nectarine, banana, toasted coconut, and a chocolate/nut sauce that hardens- like at DQ- but SO much better.

And at our hotel they always put this on our pillow before bed. Amazing. 

I love chocolate.

Shalom (in the "peace" and "goodbye" definitions)

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  1. looks delicious!!! and jamie and I love your dress!
    xoxox see you soon