April 10, 2010

Wrapping it all up

Weekend weekend weekend! So, although I thought this was gonna be more of a relaxing weekend, I was wrong. Turns out I'm jam packed! Last night for Kiley's birthday we went to Bar Celona in Wrigleyville. I got a huge bowl of olives and some sundried tomato pesto hummus. Both things were amazing- but everyone kinda thought I was REALLY weird for ordering olives...oh well what can ya do? 

I wasn't so hungry since I came home from work STARVING and made this:
Flat Out Wrap (of course) with feta, spicy Sabra hummus, lots of spinach, tomato and broccoli. Grapes on the side.

This morning I woke up and had the same breakfast as yesterday...I'm hooked! I had to fuel up for my 5 mile run (yeah!) with Julie. It is SO beautiful out today- it felt nice to be out on the trail and see so many people there as well.

I came home and made...another wrap!

 This time with 1 hard boiled egg, guacamole (thanks dad!) roasted sweet bell pepper, spinach, feta, and tomato.
Side of apple...and of course I added lots of hot sauce to the wrap on each bite :)

Now, we're going over to my aunt's for my papa's 84th bday. I made a chopped salad with just about everything in it. Lettuce, spinach, tomato, red onion, every color pepper, brocooli, carrot, apple, grapes, cucumber, celery, slivered almonds, craisons...maybe more I'm missing...
^^Honestly, how beautiful does that look!^^

Looks like a piece of art

Thanks to my dad for his homemade clementine vinagerette too :)
Nicole (my cousin) made this- Farina cake (has like ricotta and other good stuff in it...) instead of birthday cake for my papa. Such a treat! 
My papa on the left- it was his bday :) and thats my "papa" on the right.
And my other papa on my dad's side.
And me and my cousin Gina- her holding up one of my PB cookies...thanks Gina!

Now off to babysit :)

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  1. it really does look like a piece of art, so inspiring...

    fyi ur my go to recommendations person from now on, the massage place, the pedicure place, fixing my ipod!!! amazing :)