May 3, 2010

Back to The Old Routine

It's kinda nice to get back into the swing of things. Especially when it's so nice outside- makes everything so much better.


And I love that I can keep my window open at work so the breeze comes in all day and hits me while I'm bouncing around on my exercise ball of a chair. As fun as work can be!

So I started this morning off pretty typically- OH wait- I forgot to announce something...

I signed up for my HALF MARATHON! The Chicago Rock and Roll Marathon on August 1st! 

That means I have 3 months to go. And the training program I've been following is for 3 months. So my plan is to actually start my training from scratch today as to not injure myself before the race.

Today's workout was "stretch and strengthening"- so I did an on-demand pilates video followed by some weight training. I definitely pushed myself this morning since I didn't do much while I was on my trip.

For breakfast my plan was to make oatmeal- but I opened my cabinet and saw rolled barley flakes...
And thought...hmm..this could be interesting...

So I made them according to the package instructions. Boiled 3 parts water  and then added 1 part barley. Except I used some almond milk in there- just plain almond milk, not vanilla this time around.

Not gonna lie, the result was not great, but definitely not a total disaster. I think I need to try again and be more patient this time. The flakes weren't creamy like oatmeal, but the texture was chewy and hearty- I actually liked it but I prefer oatmeal fo sho.
I topped the barley flakes with banana, almond butter, and honey.

And had a cup-o-joe along with it.
 I packed my lunch and went to work....

La la la...

Lunch rolls around and I ate this salad with leftover salmon from last night- my dad cooked it on a cedar plank so it was real flavorful- and kinda had an asian inspired sauce.
 In the salad was chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, pine nuts, dried cranberries, roasted mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, orange pepper, cilantro... 

On the side I had a Flat Out wrap toasted and ripped into chips, dipped in large amounts of CHUMMUS. I love this hummus, but I miss it from Israel. Much much better. :(

 After work it was so nice out still! Those weather people are nuts predicting rain...

So some friends came over for an afternoon hookah sesh and what turned into a CD making party. We just sat outside enjoying the weather...and had lots of music to trade for the upcoming SUMMER CAMP festival! Yay!!!

After a while we got hungry for dinner so I made a pasta veggie dish---
It was just real simple- whole wheat shells and some pan sauteed veggies. 

The frozen edimame however I added to the boiling pasta water like 2 minutes before the pasta was done. I sauteed the drained, cooked pasta and edimame along with the veggies and some parm and feta cheeses at the end. 

We sat out until the bugs started biting- 

-and now I'm drinking some blueberry tea and gonna go to bed. Jetlag is still in effect...

So, goodnight!

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