May 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

So, I've made these before...but since it's my mom's birthday tomorrow and she loved them, I promised to make them again.

But I added the chocolate like that. That was all me. And I'm really happy about it how these cookies turned out!!!

Here's how it went down...

^^measuring out flour^^
^^Cookie dough ball to be refrigerated ^^
^^An ice cream scooper helps get each cooke the same size. Makes for even baking later ^^
^^All lined up^^
^^Pressed with the fork^^



...Melted some chocolate dark...
..A HUGE bar I bought today :)^^

^^Dip COOLED cookie in melted chocolate.

Place on sil pat, chocolate sign down.

Stick in FREEZER about...ehh...4 minutes.
^^the sil pats allow such easy peeling off!^^

Fill with cream filling!
I just used a spoon to do this.

^^The best looking peanut butter sandwich cookie I've ever made!^^

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