July 15, 2010

Farmers' Markets Anyone??

All of the following was done on Monday...haven't had time to post...

How to Shuck Corn: A picture tutorial...

^^Throw that out!^^

^^Grilled Perfection (thanks to dad)^^

One day I will be good at grilling...one day. Not now.

Today, I will make the best kale chips of all time!
^^Washed and layed on baking sheet^^

^^Drizzled with balsamic^^

^^Baked 'til caramelized and CRUNCHy^^

Seriously try this- with the balsamic- so easy, healthy, addicting!

 I baked the kale at 350 for about 10 minutes. But you need to watch it and check every few minutes- Kale can go from crispy to charred in just a minute!

I also made some red quinoa just to have on hand...

Flat Out Pizza...
^^Roasted peppers, tomato paste, ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, raw white onion^^

^^Close up!^^

A post run smoothie:

For the week at work I made a contaner full of veggies just for snacking and dipping in hummus when my stomach starts growling...

I've been making some fruit salads too...
^^Add almonds for protein and fat^^

As you know I don't go out to eat often, especially for lunch at work. But I was craving this lately from the deli next door...
^^Lox, chive cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber on WW bagel^^

I read this article which I totally connected to...
Especially 'cause it talked about going to farmers market to get inspiration and talking to the farmers about how to prepare the veggies/fruits. The answer is always "simply". Good products don't need to be fussed with much if at all!

^^Another fruit salad^^

And a delicious and SO filling Mexican feast with my sister and Erin...

That was veggie fajitas, guac and chips, and a salad all spilt between us 3. Healthy, filling variety. I left STUFFED between the food and my Corona light.

Have I convinced any farmers' market virgins to attend a market yet? If so, here's where you can go!

Enjoy---not so much time left!!! I'm heading to the HP one today after work, still haven't tried that one and I live in Highland Park!!!!! Crazy!

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