July 10, 2010

Wondering around the city

I have been a nomad for the last 36 hours. Haven't really had a home base- just been wondering around the city on my day off. Here's what I've been up to:

After our flippy cup tournament at Hi Tops in Lincoln Park to celebrate Jordyn's birthday...

We went for a late night breakFEAST.
^^Silver dollars^^

After saying "I'm not gonna get anything, I'm not even hungry!" I saw the menu and decided to get those pancakes, thinking I'll just eat one or two and bring the rest home for breakfast tomorrow. Um, well that didn't happen. I ate every single one of these, with butter and syrup. And every bite was delicious!

...I think I must have been hungry after all!

Especially because I woke up in the morning and was starving again!

Since my friends all had work/school, I walked to Einsteins and got a WW bagel with Veggie cream cheese...and a coffee with half and half.
^^Enjoyed outside on the LOUD streets of Chicago^^

After that I decided I'd go home. I had nothing to do so I took the scenic route down Lake Shore Drive. As I was driving and looking at the lake, taking note of the cloudless sky, and all the people running/walking/biking down the path, I realized I'd be nuts to go home! 

I got off the road, parked my car for free (Lincoln Park), then put on my gym shoes and just started walking. I finally made it to North Avenue Beach after about 3 miles and worked up the courage to ask a group of 3 if they needed an extra player for volleyball. They said yes, and I ended up playing 2 v. 2 beach volleyball for over 2 hours! It was SO much fun...I've been wanting to do that for such a long time now and am so happy I finally did! Plus I went undefeated ;) so that made it all the better :)

After walking back to my car, I met Danielle for a nice lunch in the shade.

We split:
^^Shrimp Tostadas^^

^^A grilled veggie sandwich with side salad^^

And we sipped on beer:
^^Skinny Dip^^

Little did I know that'd be the first of my many beers for the day...

Danielle told me about a free beer tasting down the street later that afternoon.

But before that I needed some R&R...so we laid out a blanket in our new favorite park (right on Webster). It was funny because we played catch there the other night and a lot of people come there with their dogs. So we saw the same people and dogs again and said hi! I saw the prettiest boxer and saint bernard---oh my god they're so big!!! We're becoming regulars at that park for sure :)

I read my book Hunger Games and actually ended up falling asleep for a while looking up at the trees:

Then after a shower we went to the beer tasting.

The place had an option to make your own 6 pack of bottles, so Danielle and I did 3 each.

^^My favorite from the tasting^^

So then I took the El back to the city and went out again. I stopped at a grocery store to get some fruit and yogurt for dinner since I felt deprived of fruit!
^^Mango, nectarine, Fage yogurt (a special treat cause it's $$!!)^^

When I woke up this morning I'd had enough. It was time to go home...
But one more thing...I know Lincoln Park has a Farmer's Market so I just had to go since my car home was parked there.

(Yes I seriously felt like I was living out of my car for a while)

This was the best farmer's market I've been to in a while!!!

^^Weird! Gotta try these one day...^^

^^Beets of all colors^^

^^Blue potatoes---finally!! (more on this later!)^^

^^Yum I love fresh picked peaches^^

^^How beautiful!^^

More on what I bought later...

When I FINALLY made it home, I made some oatmeal and topped with those fresh peaches along with bananas and blueberries. And a LARGE mug of coffee (still working on that...)

Conclusion: It's fun being a nomad in the city---well in Lincoln Park. I LOVE Lincoln Park. I need to move there one day for sure...

Now on to a long sweaty bike ride :)

Peace out!
(haha did I really just post that?!)

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